What People Say About Us

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"I honestly feel like EquiFirst Capital has given me a second chance at life. I used to feel so hopeless all the time and dread that I was never going to get out of debt but that changed the second I gave them a call!"

Eddie Freeman

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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"One of my friends told me about EquiFirst Capital but even after that, it sounded like they were too good to be true. I gave them a call anyway and was shocked at how efficient they were in helping me restructure my debt! I'm now on track to get out of debt in half the time I was expecting."

Kristina Kelly

Chesapeake, Virginia
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"My college loans have been looming over me for years and made it hard for me to meet my bills. This just resulted in me racking up credit card debt and I had no idea that I was getting gouged in interest the way I was. Thank god I called EquiFirst Capital or else I would've just kept doing things1 the hard way!"

Judy Wright

Garland, Texas