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When it comes to helping people get out of debt, EquiFirst Capital is your go-to call. We're sitting in your corner, your ace in the hole, and your rock. We've made it our mission to help as many people get out of debt as possible for one simple reason...debt limits you from living the life that you want.

Debt, unfortunately, is incredibly common in the United States and it's incredibly common for people to secretly carry 4, 5, and sometimes even 6-figures worth of debt. Whether it's student loan debt, past due credit cards, a hefty mortgage, or another source this debt is preventing you from reaching your full potential. Your debt limits you because every month it sucks money out of your income that could be spent on buying new things, going on vacation, or funding your passions.

What's even worse is that debt is something that most people deal with in secret. As a society, we haven't normalized talking about our finances and helping each other with them. This means that the overwhelming majority of the country is stressing about their debt in secret while putting on a smiling face in public.

If this sounds like you then we have the answer that you've been looking for.

How It Works

How EquiFirst Capital Gets People Out Of Debt

Before we go into it, we want to say that we do not offer a magic "get out of debt free" card. Nor do we wave a magic wand and say a spell to make your debt disappear. Instead, what we offer is a smarter way to go about paying down your debt more quickly.

Here is how our system works:

take out personal loan

Take out a personal loan with EquiFirst Funding.

high interest debt

Use it to strategically pay down your high-interest debt.

save money on interest

Save money on interest payments and get debt-free more quickly.

That's it! Our system is simple, yet effective.

It really just comes down to securing a lower interest rate for you.

Here's an example of how the process works:


Jack comes to us with about $8,000 worth of credit card debt as well as $17,000 still outstanding on his student loan debt. Every month he makes the minimum payment on both debts. He is currently being charged 22% interest on his credit card debt and 9% on his student loan debt. These high rates mean that the bulk of his payment each month is only going towards paying his interest (which is just profit for your lender). Despite making his payments each month, Jack is not actually making very significant progress towards paying down the principal that he owes for each balance. He also has to deal with two lenders and make sure that two separate payments are sent out each month on top of all of his other monthly bills. 

After speaking with EquiFirst Capital, Jack takes out a loan for $25,000 and pays down both of these debts in full. Now, Jack still has the same amount of debt but instead of paying 22% and 9% interest, he is only paying 4%. He also only has to deal with one, much more friendly lender. He still makes the minimum payment each month but the bulk of his payment is actually going towards paying down his principal. Due to this, Jack can expect to be out of debt years earlier than he was originally going to.

If this sounds simple, that's because it is! You're essentially just swapping high-interest debt for low-interest debt and saving tons of money in interest. It's like swapping your gas-guzzling car for one an electric one that's the same value. They both cost the same amount of money upfront but the electric one is going to save you thousands of dollars in gas over the years.

Why Us

Why EquiFirst Capital?

EquiFirst Capital didn't invent the personal loan. We also aren't the only lender who offers this type of service. So why should you work with us? We're glad that you asked!


This isn't something that we take lightly. Trust is something that should be a given when doing business with someone but, unfortunately, is sometimes hard to come by. That's why we go above and beyond to make a connection with our clients before we enter into any type of business agreement. This starts with an introductory call to get a detailed idea of what your financial situation looks like and how we can help.


This is the whole reason that you're interested, right? You want to get out of debt more quickly and EquiFirst Capital is the proven leader in helping our clients do just that. We are known for helping our clients get approved for the absolute lowest interest rate possible.


Your bills aren't going to stop and wait several weeks while you wait for your loan. That's why we make sure that, from beginning to end, our entire process takes just a few days. If you call us today then you could see money in your account as early as next week!

Other ways EquiFirst Capital can help

How we help

Other ways EquiFirst Capital can help

Even if you're not interested in consolidating your debt, there are still a few ways that you can use a personal loan strategically.

A personal loan is just what it sounds like...a loan that can be used for personal reasons. Many of our clients will use our loans to help them pay for an emergency expense or finance a large expense such as an addition to their home or moving to a new location. For both of these options, personal loans are a great alternative to other funding methods because they will get you quick access to the funds that you need while also offering a realistic repayment plan.



How Much Can You Save

Use our comparison calculator to see how much you would be saving

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What People Say About Us

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"I honestly feel like EquiFirst Capital has given me a second chance at life. I used to feel so hopeless all the time and dread that I was never going to get out of debt but that changed the second I gave them a call!"

Eddie Freeman

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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"One of my friends told me about EquiFirst Capital but even after that, it sounded like they were too good to be true. I gave them a call anyway and was shocked at how efficient they were in helping me restructure my debt! I'm now on track to get out of debt in half the time I was expecting."

Kristina Kelly

Chesapeake, Virginia
2 (42)

"My college loans have been looming over me for years and made it hard for me to meet my bills. This just resulted in me racking up credit card debt and I had no idea that I was getting gouged in interest the way I was. Thank god I called EquiFirst Capital or else I would've just kept doing things1 the hard way!"

Judy Wright

Garland, Texas

Get Started

How do I get started with EquiFirst Capital?

We make it incredibly simple to get started. If saving money on interest payments and getting out of debt more quickly is something that you want to do, then just follow these steps:

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    Call us

    The first step is to give one of our reps a call. This call acts as an introduction and allows us to get a good idea of your financial background and how we can help. Our reps are incredibly knowledgeable and will be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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    Get approved for your loan

    If a personal loan is the right financial decision for you then you can get started applying for your loan on the same day! As mentioned, we have one of the quickest processes in the industry and will do our best to get you your money ASAP.

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    Enjoy your freedom

    Once you're on the path to being debt-free, you'll feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. We can say this confidently because we've had so many people tell us it over the years!

It's our mission to help as many people get out of debt as possible and so far it's been going great. By picking up the phone today, you could be the next to enjoy your freedom!